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By Charles King

Fitness Plan 360

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Beyond your Physical is so excited to introduce our first 6 week fitness plan PDF ready for you to take your fitness and gym work outs to the next level. Specifically designs and constructed to help you build strength, improve movement and gain confidence. Factoring in all components that go into fitness and gaining maximum results.

  • 6 week gym based workout plan.
  • Comprehensive daily workout instructions (see photos)
  • 4 x 60 minute workouts per week (3 x strength/volume + 1 aerobic).
  • Video demonstrations for ALL exercises.
  • Coaching tips and explanations (allowing movements to be performs correctly and safely)
  • Guidance on warm up / mobility to help get the best out of your workout and aid recovery
  • Exclusive discount codes

What the program includes:
- Warm up - Mobility and stability exercises
- Strength and movement development
- Functional boy building
- Accessory work (to compliment main strength work)
- Active Recovery

We are confident Plan360 is going to enhance your life in numerous ways. Join Today!

After purchasing this digital product, client will be emailed the product material in PDF format within 48 hours to his/her email. Client will have lifetime access to the materials.
Therefore this product is NON-REFUNDABLE a refund will only be considered if the PDF was not delivered properly. Terms and Conditions apply.

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